Today's Special    1296 yen    

Rice (brown rice or semi-milled), nine side items, miso soup, pickles, and bancha tea

(root vegetables, grains, seasonal vegetables, seaweed, miso, soy sauce, pickled plum flavor, pickles, and sesame are included in each menu.)

Extra rice: 108 yen; extra side item: 162 yen.

Today's Stewed Veggie Special    1242 yen  
Rice (brown rice or semi-milled), miso soup, several different kinds of stewed vegetables, and bancha tea
Extra rice: 108 yen; extra side item: 162 yen.
Specials can be boxed for take out. Prepared foods and desserts can also be taken out.

 Other Items on our Regular Menu
1. Curry Set: Curry with lentil peas, nuts, and vegetables (comes with rice)  972 yen
2. Fried Rice: Fried rice with hijiki seaweed and sesame  648 yen
3. Spaghetti (Italian Style): Whole wheat spaghetti with a tomato sauce  864 yen
4. Pizza Toast: Awa (sticky millet) pizza toast using bread made with natural yeast  864 yen

5. Rice (brown rice or semi-milled)  162 yen
6. Onigiri: Rice ball (brown rice or semi-milled), one piece  162 yen
7. Miso Soup  162 yen
8. Pickles  162 yen
9. Mochi: Grilled organic brown rice mochi (hand-pounded) with soy sauce wrapped in nori seaweed  324 yen
10. Vegetarian Soup  324 yen
1. Organic Coffee  378 yen
2. Dandelion Coffee (Made from roasted dandelion root. Good for improving one's constitution and curing insomnia.)   378 yen
3. Black Zinger (brown rice coffee)  378 yen
4. Grain Coffee (brewed azuki beans, soy beans, and brown rice)  432 yen
5. Black Tea  324 yen
6. Herbal Tea  324 yen
7. Organic Juice (orange, apple)  432 yen
8. Hot Cocoa with soy milk  432 yen
9. Kinako au lait (ICE/HOT): Cafe au lait with soy milk and kinako soy flour  432 yen
10. Umesho Bancha: Bancha tea mixed with pickled plums, soy sauce, and ginger (Good for when you are feeling down.)  432 yen
11. Beer: Organic  beer  648 yen
12. Sake: Naturally brewed sake  540 yen

1. Zenzai: Brown rice mochi zenzai (sweet bean soup) 648 yen
2. Seasonal Cake 378 yen~
3. Apple pie 378 yen
4. Brown Rice Pudding  432 yen

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